Eigenstate : Tutorial

How do I Myrddin

The question on your mind when you go to sleep. The thought eating at your psyche when you take a dump. The burning question, the enigma that eats at your brain: "How Do I Myrddin?".

I will attempt to answer this question, if you follow along with me.


In order to develop, you need an environment.

Installing Myrddin

Downloading, installing, and making sure that everything works. Covers checking out the language from git and installing.

Also mentions setting up some optional utilities, like syntax highlighting and autoindentation.

Starting Out

A First Program

The traditional first program: Hello World. Building it, linking it, and running it.

Sequences of Statements

You put your left foot down. Then raise your right foot. Then move it forward. Then put it down again. Before you know it, you're walking.

Control Flow

If statements, loops, and other silliness.

Data Types

Integers, slices, and structs, oh my. Integers, slices, and structs, oh my.

Getting Bigger

Scopes and Packages

Building Code

Complex Data Types

Generics and Traits



Input and Output

System Calls


Example Programs

Brainfuck Interpreter

Markov Chain


Filling Holes

Adding System Calls

Binding to C


Sending Patches